by Rythmatik

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released October 19, 2016

Rythmatik are:
Árni Freyr - Guitar
Hrafnkell Hugi- Guitar & Vocals
Pétur Óli - Bass Guitar
Valgeir Skorri - Drums
Tracks 1,2,3,5 recorded by Ásmundur Jóhannsson at Stúdíó Paradís in the fall of 2016
Track 4 recorded, mixed and produced by Þórarinn Guðnason at Orgelsmiðjan in the summer of 2016
Mixed by Ívar "Bongó" Ragnarsson
Mastered by Finnur Hákonarson
Salóme Katrín sings vocals on track 5
Magnús Jóhann Ragnarsson plays keys, synths and all sorts of magic on tracks 1,2,5

Don Land
To our manager Árni Hrafn Kristmundsson
Our friends and families



all rights reserved


Rythmatik Iceland

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Track Name: Waves
Well I felt homesick,
but I'm sick of home.
Yes, I felt lonely,
cause you took my bones
You removed my kneecaps,
so I stole your shins.
Two times the cripple,
ain't no way we'd win.

We only move through
We only move through
We only move through

It's missing pages,
read this book of life.
I feel miserable right now,
so I must be doing something right

Great white boxes,
they construct pity,
best used on others,
but spent on me.

Mud and dirt,
through shit we dug.
To our graves.
Track Name: Bleed Like A Poet
A yellow raincoat cult
and my pocket's really hurt.
Ragga came and went and
they really liked to flirt.
They've taken my shoes
now they're taking my shirt,
but I ain't gonna live in the dirt.
But I'm not the type to bite or bark it,
I'm just the dog that shits on the carpet.

But I know a trick or two
and I'm not to old to learn some new.
I bent the rules, not to much use.
I treat the symptom, bye the disease a drink
And we'll bond over vomit in the kitchen sink.

I've got the purse of a poet.
But these words don't show it.
I found them in the bargain bin,
these prices got me caving in
and I just know it,
I bleed like a poet.

A yellow raincoat cult
and buckets full of hurt,
all in the city where I grew up.
You've gotta be smart and
you've gotta be tough
or you'll need to live on your luck.
Cause life will swap speedos for trousers.
C'mon show them you're a big boy now
if you put in the work it'll work somehow.

I'll pick up the colours for my cheeks,
the ones I left in the gutters of the street.
And that time, I left them in our sheets,
you cleaned up the mess so I wouldn't
rip off Jimi.
Track Name: Sugar Rush
All you left was a rush,
of sugar and love.
I need more than a touch,
I need more from above.

And you know, and you know.
Ain't gotta problem with insulin.
Just know, just know.
I'm prone to seizures
but I take my pills.

Sugar coated, and I know it.
You're a shooting star.
Sugar coated, and I know it.
You're my bleeding heart.

Yeah I take my pills
Yeah I take my pills
Track Name: Peace Has a Pencil In Her Hair
Little mouse big heart
large lunged upstart,
the time will come
to wake me up.

Old cat doormat,
met you in recess.
Her death will break
your heart.

But sleep tight all night,
even though she
won't bite she'll still
leave a mark,

If we leave in a hurry
we won't have to worry,
It'll end before we get
our start.

Late night in the kitchen
we made pancakes it was bitching,
and I knew that you'd feel the same.
Remember when we kissed
the first time I almost missed
your lips, had never been kissed.

I need you, I need you,
enough to break a heart in two.
I'm sorry mister Skarsgård
but she ain't the girl for you.
I need you, I need you,
enough to break a heart in two.
And with some luck,
I won't fuck up.
And she'll need me too.

Those nights in December
I fondly remember,
we opened our gifts too soon.
But fuck the tradition,
our clothes they were itching,
so we snuck up to your room.